Heavenly Sweets Cafe


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Hevenly Sweets Cafelocation

Situated conveniently in beautiful downtown Collingwood on Pine Street, Heavenly Sweets is the destination for decadent desserts!

Elegance and world charm beckons you to enter our lovely cafe..... Once inside let your senses be your guide!

Delicious aromas of freshly baked cinnamon buns, pastries and freshly brewed organic coffee will awaken your taste buds.

Let yourself be tempted by the beautiful array of incredible cakes and pastries to be enjoyed in our elegant yet contemporary cafe.


Holiday Hours
Open Monday
9 - 6
Christmas Eve
9 - 4
Closed 25th and 26th
Open 27th thru 30th
9 - 6
New Year's Eve
9 - 4
Closed January 1st

48 Pine Street, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada


Heavenly Sweets Cafe
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